Campaign To Elect Nicholas Mrozowski

Message From The Candidate

For far too long we've had a representative unwilling to make the changes that House District 55 needs. I plan on using my experience and trust I've gained with the community to stay in touch with what needs to be done.

Our public education is in shambles due to the special interests getting their way. Our children have suffered long enough. I will advocate for better conditions to let our teachers teach and our students learn without high stakes testing.

Development requires bringing good paying jobs to our communities. I plan on working with businesses large and small incentivizing them to work with us to create a thriving, profitable district.   

To encourage our young people to come back and grow with us I want to work with our downtown areas and revitalize them. Funding for family-friendly events and entertainment will help bring our people together so they know they will always have somewhere to go and something to do for all ages.